We are classed as an essential business and can courier/truck product to you during the lockdown period. Please read our COVID-19 Update for more information.

Below is a full listing of our product range. Please click on the links for further information on each product and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Natural Animal Health

Animal Health Elixir (AHE)
Coleby Animal Lick
Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
Flee Flea
Greenshell Mussel Powder Tablets For Pets
Himalayan Salt Lick
Hoof Oil
Kelp (Seaweed) Meal
Liquid Feed Lick Ball
Vitamin C

Organic Fertiliser

Field Broadcast Spray Nozzle
Fertiliser Spreader for Hire
Fish Meal (Organic Nitrogen)
HuMates Powder
Hydrolysed Fish Fertiliser>>Field Broadcast Spray Nozzle
Natrakelp Liquid Seaweed for Plants
RockPLUS Soil Remineraliser
Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder
TM Agricultural Soil Activator

Fertiliser & Lime

Field Broadcast Spray Nozzle
Fertiliser Spreader for Hire
Actibor Soluble Boron
Dried Blood
Minerals / Other
Plasma Hort
Plasma Pasture
Prilled Lime
Prilled MagLime
Sheep Pellets

Water Filters

Shower Filter
Water Tank Treatment


Agrippa Paints and Stains
Corrosion Inhibitors
Eco Wood Treatment
Hemp Seed Oil (Technical Grade)
Traps for Stoats, Rats & Hedgehogs

Tip of the Week

Our Prilled Fertiliser Products Do Not Need Rain in Order to Start Working

Some chemical fertilisers need rain in order to break down and start working, however our prilled fertiliser products (such as Guano Phosphate Fertiliser, MiSK 3 in 1 Natural Fertiliser, Prilled Lime and Prilled MagLime) don't.

Now that we are into the Autumn season we are getting quite heavy dews each morning and this is enough to start breaking down these prilled products.

So get in quick before the spreading companies get busy and get your fertiliser on now!

Please contact us for a quote.

Have Your Photo Featured on our Website

In order to qualify, you must have purchased one or more products from us. Please send in a photograph of the actual product (ie. a fence made using Fiboposts or maybe the Fibopost Garden Stakes in your garden), or a photograph of your animals that use one of our products. In the case of animal photographs, please state the name of the product that they use. You could also take a photograph of your animals using one of our products such as the Liquid Feed Lick Ball or the Animal Bedding. Every few weeks we will choose one of your photographs to feature on this page. Please e-mail your photographs to us.

To start things off, here's a photograph of a cute little starling that has been raised in our Starling / Bird Nesting Box. This photograph was taken late 2013 on our own property.

Young Starling almost ready to fledge
Please click on image to enlarge.