Prilled Dolomite


Prilled Dolomite is a 2-6mm granule made from finely ground, high purity dolomite (manufactured in Germany). It is a suitable alternative to Prilled Lime where higher levels of magnesium are required. Prilled Dolomite is low in dust, easy to spread and breaks down rapidly in moisture. Prilled Dolomite gives you the option of using your own fertiliser spreading equipment for a more timely application and can lower the risk of introducing off-farm pathogens or weeds. It can also be applied by air to previously inaccessible country. Prilled Dolomite can be direct drilled or air-seeded with lucerne and cereals to aid in crop establishment. To maintain a healthy soil pH, Prilled Dolomite can be applied regularly at lower rates to replace nutrients removed at harvest and to keep soil acidity at bay. Regular maintenance of soil pH and nutrient balance is agronomically preferable to applying larger quantities of dolomite or aglime on a typical 5 to 10 year basis.

Prilled DolomitePrilled Dolomite is available in 4kg and 20kg bags. Please contact us for pricing.

Why use Prilled Dolomite

  • Conforms to FiBL requirements for Organic status
  • Enables accurate placement of product with minimal loss to dust drift
  • Easy to use with your own spreader and allows a more flexible operation
  • Can be sown with seed or fertiliser, direct drilled or by air seeder
  • Effective in precision agriculture and spot treatment
  • Good source of magnesium and calcium, essential elements for plant growth
  • Annual applications on short term leased country can save money due to faster pH adjustment

Benefits of Prilled Dolomite

  • Improved photosynthesis through chlorophyll production
  • Reduced plant senescence and increased resistance to pests and diseases
  • More efficient synthesis of sugars
  • Improved Nitrogen and Phosphorus availability
  • Increased pasture palatability
  • Contributes to balancing calcium and potassium ratios to improve soil structure and health

Application Rate Guide

Soil Type Top Dressed (0.5 pH increase) Direct Drilled / Air Seeded
Sand / Loamy sands 300 kg/ha 60 kg/ha
Sandy / Silt loams 500 kg/ha 75 kg/ha
Clay / Loamy clays 625 kg/ha 100 kg/ha
10 - 15% Organic matter 750 kg/ha 125 kg/ha
+25% Organic matter 1000 kg/ha 150 kg/ha

Fertile Fields recommends you soil test regularly and seek advice from an independent agricultural professional