Plasma Pasture

Please click on image to download PLASMA 3000® HB PASTURE minerals and trace elementsPLASMA 3000® HB PASTURE 10-3-7

Increasing numbers of consumers are becoming more aware of their environment, their diets, lifestyle and the standards required to produce more naturally grown, wholesome and healthy food using environmentally sound, safe and non-polluting methods. By using PLASMA 3000® HB PASTURE this and more can be achieved. This range of liquid fertilisers have been addressing farming problems and needs since 1980, achieving some amazingly good results. Producer returns are maximised while inputs are both easier and cost effective. In horticultural applications the quality of produce is increased as well as the appearance and shelf life being enhanced.

PLASMA 3000® HB PASTURE is available in 20, 100, 215 and 1000 litre containers.

How it works

PLASMA 3000® HB PASTURE is made up of an organic, natural base material which is boosted with extra amounts of minerals and trace elements (macro and micro nutrients) to create the best possible plant growth conditions. PLASMA 3000® HB PASTURE can be used on it's own or, where individual requirements dictate, in conjunction with other PLASMA products in this range. It is also compatible with many other fertilising or growth promoting systems.

By tailoring solutions to specific needs when pastures require additional Nitrogen, Potassium and/or Phosphorus, plant nutritional requirements can be met whilst simultaneously creating better soil condition and structure and encouraging deeper root systems. Whether your need is to establish new pastures or promote pasture growth for intensive dairying, PLASMA 3000® HB PASTURE is the key to the solution.


PLASMA 3000® HB PASTURE Benefits

  • Full range of growth enhancing and soil conditioning ingredients.
  • PLASMA 3000® HB PASTURE is cost effective.
  • Increased cell division and plant growth.
  • Enhances Humus production.
  • Healthy stock result from using PLASMA 3000® HB PASTURE.
  • Open soil structure.
  • PLASMA 3000® HB PASTURE improves the health of both soil and plants.
  • PLASMA 3000® HB PASTURE produces higher nutrient produce.

Application Rates

Dairy: 25 litres per hectare; and
Beef: 20 litres per hectare.

Also available is the PLASMA K-PHOS® 0-14-4 if you need extra "P" (Phosphorus) and "K" (Potassium).


  • Is fully plant available.
  • Stimulates root growth.
  • Stimulates soil micro-life.
  • Reduces leaching losses.
  • Reduces likelihood of metabolic disorders.
  • Is easy to apply.

PLASMA K-PHOS® is available in 20, 100, 215 and 1000 litre containers.