Plasma Hort

Please click on image to download PLASMA HORT active ingredientsPLASMA HORT™ 8-3-4 - a fully mineralised fertiliser with soil conditioner.

PLASMA HORT™ is an organic based natural growth inducing product containing soil conditioning material to create the best possible conditions for optimum plant growth.

PLASMA HORT™ contains a fully balanced complement of minerals and trace elements (macro and micro nutrients) blended with a patented organic base of proteins and essential amino acids. The nutrient balance has been specifically formulated to cater for the needs of the commercial grower and is the result of product development spanning more than 20 years.

Since some crops may have a different nutrient requirement at some stage of their growth, PLASMA HORT™ has also been designed to be compatible with other Plasma fertiliser concentrates. This enables the grower to tailor fertiliser inputs to match crop needs at any stage of growth.

PLASMA HORT Agrichemicals, Features and BenefitsBecause of this and other features, the Plasma range of products have become an essential and effective management tool for the modern grower.

The application guidelines (that can be downloaded below) are the result of extensive research with customers. The application rates and timings are field proven in actual commercial growing operations.

There will however, always be circumstances where these need to be altered to suit your own individual case. This can be due to climatic conditions (unusually warm/wet/cold/dry etc.) or that your location performs better than other areas growing the same crop.

Tailoring of applications can be done by altering the timing, by altering the amount applied, or a combination of both.

Ongoing research means this data is continually being updated as new types of crops become established. Should you be growing a crop that does not appear in the application guidelines below, please contact us.

PLASMA HORT™ is available in 1, 5, 20, 100, 215 and 1000 litre containers.

PLASMA HORT™ Application Guidelines

Click image to download application guidelines.
PLASMA HORT Application Guidelines