PhosphatePLUSPhosphatePLUS is a premium fertiliser supplying high quality phosphorus, magnesium and calcium and is internationally recognised as a silicon fertiliser. This makes PhosphatePLUS New Zealand's only fertiliser containing scientifically proven amounts of soluble silicon. Silicon has been scientifically proven to increase a plants ability to fight insects, diseases and droughts, and increase a plants ability to absorb phosphorus.

Minimum Nutrients (%)

Phosphorus Magnesium Calcium Silicon
7.8 8.0 20.0 10.0

What is PhosphatePLUS?

PhosphatePLUS is a Fused Calcium Magnesium Phosphate. It's made by melting phosphate rock and serpentine rock together and then cooling it rapidly with water. PhosphatePLUS is New Zealand's only glass phosphate fertiliser. Glass fertilisers are controlled release fertilisers, supplying nutrients on a year round basis instead of all and then nothing. Glass fertilisers are the way of the future.

Why is PhosphatePLUS so great?

  • At over 90% citric soluble, it's more reactive than Dicalcic, RPR or Guano.
  • It's free-flowing, stores very well and is non-corrosive.
  • It has a pH of 10 and with a liming equivalent of more than 80%; it limes your soil.
  • PhosphatePLUS is an excellent source of Phosphorus, Magnesium and Calcium. These nutrients get released throughout the year providing a steady source of nutrients for plant uptake. This incudes year round Magnesium for animal health.
  • PhosphatePLUS is low in Cadmium - At 14 mg Cd/kg it contains 20 times less cadmium than superphosphate and 19 times less than Sechura RPR.
  • PhosphatePLUS is a great source of soil / plant available silicon.
  • The particle sizes of PhosphatePLUS are less than 2mm in size, like coarse black sand. Because of this, the fertiliser particles are able to wash into the soil. This reduces phosphate runoff at times of soil erosion.

Application Rates

Vege Gardens: 50 grams per m2. Side dressed or spread. Can be worked into soil, even close to seeds.
Pasture: 150 - 300 kg per hectare depending on soil pH (use the lower spread rate for high pH and higher spread rate for low pH).

Typical Analysis

Nutrient Value
LE (Lime Equivalent) 83.9%
P (Phosphorus) 8.3%
FSP (Formic Soluble Phosphorus) 7.8%
CSP (Citric Soluble Phosphorus) 7.8%
K (Potassium) 0.3%
ES (Elemental Sulphur) <0.5%
S (Sulphate Sulphur) 0.2%
Ca (Calcium) 24.2%
Mg (Magnesium) 8.3%
Na (Sodium) 0.08%
B (Boron) 21 ppm
As (Arsenic) 2.7 ppm
Cd (Cadmium) 1 ppm
Cr (Chromium) 316 ppm
Hg (Mercury) <0.1 ppm
Ni (Nickel) 483 ppm
Pb (Lead) 0.2 ppm
pH (Acidity / Alkalinity) 10.2
Tapped (Bulk Density) 1.64 g/mL

Total Sulphur = Elemental S (ES) + Sulphate S (S).

The above analysis was performed by Eurofins NZ Laboratories Ltd in December 2015.

The Silicon in PhosphatePLUS

PhosphatePLUS is the only solid fertiliser in New Zealand scientifically proven to supply soluble silicon.

Silicon is gaining momentum around the world as an important plant nutrient. The benefits are endless:

  • Above the ground, Silicon has the ability to strengthen the plant cells. This can lead to reduced water loss through the plant leaves, reduced insect damage forcing the insects to look else where. Reduced fungal infections by powdery mildew and other fungal diseases.
  • Below the ground, Silicon has been shown to increase a plants ability to absorb phosphorus. It is excellent in lifting soil pH and it also has the ability to reduce the affects of heavy metal toxicity in soils on plants. A good example of this, is that the cadmium in soil reduces root length and root density in a number of plants.
  • A recent (2013) trial confirmed that cadmium has a negative effect on root and plant development in both perennial ryegrass and clover. With the ever increasing cadmium levels in New Zealand soils, silicon has been proven to alleviate these problems.

PhosphatePLUS is available in 4kg and 25kg bags; 1 tonne and 1.25 tonne bulk bags.