How to Recognise Nutrient Deficiencies in Soil

Here are a few tips on signs of different nutrient deficiencies in soil.

If soil is (very) deficient in:

  • CALCIUM: Animal dung does not break down.
  • PHOSPHORUS: Grass is unpalatable. Clover grows stronger out of dung patches. Reddish purple leaves. Mushrooms indicate low Phosphate levels.
  • MAGNESIUM: Yellowing of leaves between the veins. Grass staggers and sometimes sudden death (made worse by low calcium levels in the soil).
  • POTASSIUM: Strong clover growth in urine patches. Yellow tips of older leaves. White dots on edge of white clover leaves. Large proportion of plantain and dandelion in sward.
  • SULPHUR: Grass growing in urine patches is of a deeper green colour. Sheep shed wool.

We can supply two products to correct the above deficiencies... Guano Phosphate Fertiliser for Calcium and Phosphorous deficiencies and ViaMSK 3 in 1 Natural Fertiliser for Magnesium, Sulphur and Potassium deficiencies.

These two products work well together and we are happy to make up a fertiliser blend for you. NB: We can add in other nutrients such as Cobalt, Copper Sulphate, Selenium etc. if required. You can find a full range of other minerals that we supply at the following link:
Minerals / Other