COVID-19 Update

As a supplier of animal feed / animal health products and fertiliser for food production and agriculture, we will continue to operate but some changes are required in order to keep our customers and ourselves safe during this month long shutdown.

Our storage shed will be closed effective immediately and won't re-open until after the shutdown.

We have already implemented strict hygiene rules and will continue to practice safe protocols moving forward.

Online orders will be processed and shipped via either courier or truck as per usual.

We have good stocks of all of our products right now but as we haven't heard from all of our suppliers, some products may be unavailable during the shutdown. If this is the case then we'll let you know when you make an order.


Farmer Ditched Chemicals and Hasn't Looked Back

We've been preaching the benefits of "non-chemical" farming for many years, so we're stoked to see an article about a farm that is now thriving after the farmer has ditched the use of chemical fertilisers. See below for link to the article:
Farmer ditched chemicals and hasn't looked back

Some of the benefits of natural farming include improved soil and pasture health, which in turn benefits the health of the stock; and no leaching of chemicals into the rivers and streams.


Creostain Price Increase Due Early December 2018

Creostain prices are due to increase early December, so if you're thinking about purchasing this product then you'll need to get in quick if you want to save yourself a bit of cash!

Here is a summary of the changes:

Size Old Price (inc GST) New Price (inc GST)
4 Litre $54.00 $65.00
10 Litre $125.00 $145.00
20 Litre $176.00 $195.00
200 Litre $895.00 $962.00


We are very excited about the latest addition to our fertiliser range called PhosphatePLUS. You can read all about this product here. PhosphatePLUS is a premium fertiliser supplying high quality phosphorus, magnesium and calcium and is internationally recognised as a silicon fertiliser.

PhosphatePLUS is available in 4kg and 25kg bags and 1 tonne and 1.25 tonne bulk bags. Please contact us for pricing and to order.


Humus Saves The World

This presentation called 'Humus Saves The World', offers a range of proactive strategies that allows everyone the opportunity to replace apathy with action in this most important of issues.

This week the planet reached a milestone where carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached 400ppm for the first time in 3 million years. This talk is a desperate call to action and I am hopeful that you might decide to share this message with as many people as possible within your network. This is important because if the video receives enough views, it will attract the attention of those that make the decisions about expanding the coverage to the main TED website. If you can find the small amount of time to watch this presentation, I am sure you will agree that the message is so urgent, that it needs to get out there. Sharing this it will help. Thank you.
Graeme Sait.