Natural Animal Health Tips

Flee Flea Contains Garlic - Is it Safe? The Answer is Yes!

We recently had an enquiry regarding the use of garlic in Flee Flea so decided to take this opportunity to explore the matter further as there is a huge amount of negativity regarding feeding garlic to animals on the internet. We hope that the following will help to allay any fears you may have regarding feeding garlic to your beloved pets.

The following text has been taken from the Flee Flea manufacturer's website:

I have heard garlic is poisonous for animals. Flee Flea contains garlic, is it safe?
We have heard that too, but we were originally given the recipe for Flee Flea from a veterinarian who was a customer at our Health Shop, and have since double checked this with some of our other veterinarian customers who use and sell Flee Flea.

One of our biggest stockists is the Animal Health Centre in Orewa who sell a lot of Flee Flea to their customers. Owner Sarndra Urwin, Animal Naturopath, confirms that Flee Flea has proved very popular with their clients, who use it to repel fleas and also as a general tonic, and they have not had one adverse report.

Calming a Flighty, Excitable Horse

Do you have a flighty, excitable horse that needs calming down? Maybe your horse is lacking in magnesium...

Here a few signs of a magnesium deficiency:

  • Horses and ponies that have a deficiency in magnesium may show signs of nervousness, excitability and muscle shaking.
  • Some horses become especially "fresh" in the springtime. The fast growth rate of grass in spring means that spring grazing has an increased sugar content and is also often deficient in magnesium. As a result many horses become much more excitable, some become almost unrideable - feeding a horse feed supplement containing magnesium can help to control this, but this should never be used in place of good grazing management.
  • Stress in the horse, caused by training, travelling and equestrian competition, can also cause a magnesium deficit and an excess of calcium - this can result in excitability, tension and muscle cramps.