Hatuma Lime Flour

Hatuma Lime Flour is 90% Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) and provides 36% elemental Calcium.

Lime Flour is a calcium dietary supplement that is used to prevent calcium deficiency (hypocalcaemia or milk fever) in lactating dairy cows after calving. It can also be used to increase the calcium content of maize and cereal silages, that are normally low in calcium. Lime Flour is the only safe form of lime for animal health use. Burnt lime, hydrated lime and slaked lime are extremely toxic to livestock.

Lime Flour is a cost-effective, simple and hassle-free method of providing supplementary calcium to cows after calving and also when they are being fed on diets that are low in calcium. It is a very high quality product, with a high calcium content and a fine particle size that assists in absorption from the gut.


Milk fever prevention: start immediately after calving and continue for as little as 4 days (colostrum period only) or as long as several weeks to months. It can be pasture dusted, sprayed onto pasture, orally drenched or added to supplementary feeds. The dose rate is generally 100-300g/cow/day. For drenching, mix one part of Lime Flour with four parts of water, stir frequently and flush drench lines after use to minimise settling out.
To balance low calcium diets: use when maize or cereal silages are being fed out. Lime Flour is generally added to the feed at a rate of 50-300g/cow/day. Alternatively add to the feed at a rate of 60–120g/kg of feed on a wet basis (or 20–40g/kg of feed dry matter).

DO NOT FEED TO PREGNANT COWS IN THE LAST 2 MONTHS OF PREGNANCY, unless under veterinary advice. Lime Flour should not be added to the silage at the time of laying the stack down unless it is only going to be fed to lactating cows.

Lime Flour is not soluble in water so cannot be administered through the drinking water. If Lime Flour is to be mixed into suspension with magnesium oxide, the magnesium oxide should be suspended in water and left to stand for at least several hours before the Lime Flour is added.

Meat and milk withholding periods: NIL