Recycled Molasses Lick Ball Feeders For Sale

We have a range of recycled molasses Lick Ball Feeders for sale. The Lick Balls (aka Adapt-o-balls) have been inserted into a 150mm pvc pipe and each end is sealed with a glue-on pvc cap.

Recycled Lick Ball Feeders
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Each feeder is supplied with zinc plated tension strapping so the feeder can be attached to fence railings / batons as required.

Recycled Lick Ball Feeder (single)
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Dimensions / Capacity (approx.)

Single Ball Feeder: Length 500mm;
Two Ball Feeder: Length 1 metre;
Three Ball Feeder: Length 1.5 metre.
Capacity: 14 litres of liquid per metre of length.


Because of the small openings in the tube, there will be less rain getting into the feeder to contaminate / dilute product. You can put any liquid product in these feeders; ie. Animal Health Elixir, Addage/Lick or you can make up a mix using the Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder.


Single Ball Feeder: $72.50 + freight;
Two Ball Feeder: $95.50 + freight; and
Three Ball Feeder: $118.50 + freight.

These feeders are in very good used condition. Replacement balls are available on request.

Please contact us to order.