Free Choice Minerals

Coleby Lick Free Choice MineralsAre your stock unable to obtain adequate nutrition from pasture and other feeds? Have they suffered cold, wet conditions during Spring, Summer droughts or been fed low quality hay or silage? Have they suffered stresses from pregnancy, metabolic disorders, calving or high milk production?

Often you won't notice these stresses until it's too late; ie. if the stock don't fall pregnant or have calving difficulties.

Or, there may be obvious signs of problems such as excessive worm burden, poor weight gain, eye, foot, staggers problems, scours; or animals simply are unable to digest dry fibrous food.

Wouldn't it be far better to prevent the above problems occurring by providing the minerals and supplements that the animals require?

Stock have a natural instinctive ability to identify the minerals they are lacking, so all you need to do is present them with a range of minerals and they will choose what they need.

Which Minerals Should I Offer to my Stock?

Use the same ingredients contained in the Pat Coleby Lick (ie. Dolomite, Kelp Meal, Copper Sulphate and Sulphur) with the addition of Animal Grade Lime Flour and Ground Himalayan Salt. NB: If you are offering Copper Sulphate then you must also offer Dolomite, so make sure these two minerals are side by side in the Free Choice Feeder.
LIME FLOUR WARNING: DO NOT FEED TO PREGNANT COWS IN THE LAST 2 MONTHS OF PREGNANCY, unless under veterinary advice. Lime Flour should not be added to the silage at the time of laying the stack down unless it is only going to be fed to lactating cows.

Purchase the Coleby Lick Free Choice Minerals Pack

To get you started, we are offering a 20 kg Pack containing 4 kg each of Dolomite, Kelp Meal, Copper Sulphate, Sulphur and Ground Himalayan Salt. NB: We can also offer each of these minerals in 25 kg bags. We are no longer supplying the Animal Grade Lime Flour, but you can purchase this from your local farm merchant store. Please contact us to order.

Free Choice Minerals Starter Pack

How to Construct a Free Choice Minerals Feeder

Below are images of a basic feeder that Don has constructed using recycled pallets. The feeder has three containers each side to hold the six different minerals.
Free Choice Mineral FeederFree Choice Mineral Feeder

  • Find 6 food grade 20 litre drums and cut the tops off.
  • Make a frame for them so they can be pulled around the paddock (sleds seem to work better than wheels).
  • Add a cover using heavy duty rubber to keep the minerals dry (the stock will learn to lift up the cover and help themselves).

We suggest leaving the cover(s) slightly open for a few days so the stock learn where the supplements are. When they are happily making their "free choices" you can close the lid and the stock will learn to lift the cover themselves.

Below is a video showing sheep using a commercially built Free Choice Mineral Feeder to give you an idea of how it works.

Below is a video by Gerhard Grasser with an introduction to Free Choice Minerals.