Fowl Stuff Pellets (Chicken/Poultry Manure)

Increase your garden's productivity with Fowl Stuff Pellets (made from poultry manure).

Use Fowl Stuff Pellets to enrich your garden's productivity and health... it will slowly release all the necessary trace elements and promote microbial and worm activity.

Fowl Stuff Pellets (Chicken/Poultry Manure)Approximate NPK is: Nitrogen 3.5, Phosphate: 2.5 and Potassium 2.0.

Click here for a typical analysis of the Fowl Stuff Pellets.

Available in 2kg and 20kg bags. We also have 18kg bags of Fowl Stuff Crumbles available (the crumbles are smaller pieces than the pellets and will break down quicker).

Directions For Use

Apply approximately two cups to the square metre (m2) for vegetables and flower beds and work into the soil.

For larger plants, trees and shrubs work 1/2 kg in to the soil at the base of the plant and water it in.

Fowl Stuff Pellets can also be made into a plant tea by dissolving 1 kg of pellets in 10 litres of water.


Garden soil and similar products like Fowl Stuff Pellets could contain a variety of living micro-organisms, some of which on rare occasions, could cause illness in humans.

Serious infection is not common. However for older folk or people with reduced immunity, infection can be serious. Accordingly, we recommend the following procedure:

  • Avoid opening bag in enclosed areas;
  • Avoid inhaling the contents;
  • Always wear gloves and thoroughly wash hands after use;
  • See your doctor if you develop a high fever, chill, breathlessness or cough.