Fish Meal (Organic Nitrogen)

Fish Meal is an excellent source of Nitrogen and is also fully Bio Gro certified (Bio Gro No. 5082).

Fish Meal (Organic Nitrogen)Fish Meal is a natural fish fertiliser that is an excellent source nutrients for your lawn and garden. Fish Meal contains approximately 63% protein and is biologically broken down into plant available nitrogen, the protein content equates to about 10% nitrogen.

Fish Meal is:

  • High in macronutrients
  • High in micronutrients
  • Contains all amino acids
  • High in vitamins, including the entire B-complex

You can use Fish Meal anytime to condition your soil, but Fish Meal is most effective when applied in Autumn, Winter, or early Spring. It's slow release of nutrients over 30-60 days makes it a dependable soil conditioner / remineraliser. It is safe to mix into the "planting hole" for new seedlings as it will not burn the roots.

Application Rates

Apply at a rate of 100 grams per square metre (m2) for vegetables and flower beds and work into the soil.