Fertiliser Blends

Rock Dust Blend

Rock Dust BlendThis product is a blend of RockPLUS, Prilled Lime, Guano, Magnesuim (in Kieserite), Potash (in Sulphate of Potash), Boron (OrganiBOR), Siberian Humate Powder, Kelp plus some trace minerals (Sulphur (LeaderSul90), Copper Sulphate, Selenium, Zinc, Manganese, Iron and Cobalt).

This is a full spectrum fertiliser blend that I have put together for the lifestyle block owner for spreading on pasture. This mix flows freely through bike spreaders.

Recommended application rate is 500 kg per hectare.

As we only keep small quantities of this product on hand, we will need 48 hours notice to make the product up as required.