Eco Wood Treatment

Eco Wood Treatment is manufactured by Intl. Eco Wood Treatment Limited, Canada and is sold throughout North America, Japan, United Kingdom and Europe.
Eco Wood Treatment
In Canada, Eco Wood Treatment has been treating marinas, houses, fences and decking for over 60 years with a recipe handed down through three generations of wood-working craftsmen. It has been widely used by National Park authorities, government departments and local bodies throughout Canada for over 20 years.

This product is unique to the world of stains. In this age of concern about our environment, both consumers and contractors are very receptive to products that are low-toxic and friendly to nature.

Eco Wood Treatment is a once only, low toxicity, water based timber stain and preservative for use on previously untreated solid timbers. Eco Wood Treatment contains naturally occurring plant and mineral substances which penetrate the wood fibres, permanently modifying the wood structure. It is friendly to plants, animals and people and can be safely used in direct contact with garden soil. Independent laboratory testing confirms that Eco Wood Treatment creates no harmful residue in soils and water.

Eco Wood Treatment is supplied as a powder concentrate which when mixed with water is then applied to bare timber by brush, roller, sprayer or dipping. Once applied the timber darkens in colour before gradually weathering to a silvered or bronzed natural finish which continues to gain character while protecting the timber over the years with no further application needed – Ever !

Where Can Eco Wood Treatment Be Used?

Eco Wood Treatment is suitable for all outdoor bare wood applications such as:

  • Decks & fences
  • Building sidings
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Raised garden beds & planters
  • Animal housing
  • Chicken houses & laying boxes
  • Beehives
  • Playground equipment
  • Log houses

NOTE: Use of Eco Wood Treatment on low durability wood such as pine, particularly when used in ground contacting applications is not recommended.

Why Use Eco Wood Treatment?

Using a secret recipe handed down through generations of European woodcrafters, this product has been used on outdoor wood in Canada for over 60 years.

Unlike some wood stains, Eco Wood Treatment contains no volatile organic compounds (VOPs), poisons or toxic ingredients. Friendly to plants, animals and people, Eco can be used in direct contact with garden soil without any toxic effect.
Result after wood has been treated with Eco Wood Treatment (4 weeks)
By using this economical and environment-friendly wood treatment product, you make a positive statement about conserving your environment.

Eco Wood Treatment:

  • Leaves no harmful residue in soil or water
  • Proudly manufactured in Canada using sustainable resources
  • One easy application lasts a lifetime with no maintenance
  • In use for over 60 years with proven results
  • Safe for use in gardens
  • Safe for children and play areas
  • Can be safely used indoors too
  • Ideal for decks, posts, log homes, sheds, doors, animal housing and more
  • Apply with brush, roller, spray or by dipping
  • 4.5 litres covers 14-18 m2 and 22 litres covers 68-88 m2
  • Can be applied in any weather; even 0 degrees Celsius
  • Powder concentrate is light and easy to ship with indefinite shelf life
  • No waste; mix only what you need
  • Safe to mix and apply
  • No need to ever scrape, re-stain or worry about fading and wear
  • Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed

Result after wood has been treated with Eco Wood Treatment (5 weeks)Eco Wood Treatment is economical as one application is all you will ever need.

As the years pass, the finish gets better and better in spite of and because of the elements that normally cause the finish to deteriorate. Eco Wood Treatment gives wood an attractive silver patina with variations depending on the type of wood. Pine gains a bleached colour and, macrocarpa and eucalyptus quickly reaches their natural weathered finish.

Over time and with exposure to the elements, through the treatment process, the natural patina is enhanced with a silver quality. If a new piece of wood is treated and installed along side older treated wood (i.e. fence board/panel) the new wood will soon blend perfectly with the old. Cracking and checking is part of the weathering process. Eco Wood Treatment works with this process by migrating into cracks to cover the newly exposed wood as it occurs. Chemical sealers and stains cannot make this claim.

How To Use Eco Wood Treatment

Eco Wood Treatment is purchased as a powder concentrate in 4.5 litre and 22 litre packages. Just mix with water. Some particles may not dissolve completely, and this is normal. Stir occasionally during use to maintain proper solution. Apply to bare, untreated or pressure treated wood using normal application methods – brush, roller, dipping or spraying. To maximize the infusion of substances from the herbal components in Eco Wood Treatment allow the solution to steep for 5 – 10 minutes after mixing, even overnight. For spray application, strain the mix through a coffee filter paper or similar to prevent particles blocking the nozzle. A good quality pressure garden sprayer is suitable for application.

Ensure that all wood surfaces are completely wetted, especially end grains, fresh cuts and open cracks. Some types of wood surfaces will show no immediate visible change in colour. This is normal. For increased penetration, and to ensure a uniform rate of application, wood can be immersed in Eco Wood Treatment for a few minutes, with the excess then being allowed to drain off. For posts and other wood that will be in contact with the ground allow to soak in triple strength solution for 3 or more days. A shallow tray can be constructed using building polythene with a timber surround, for soaking timber lengths or to catch run-off during application. The bottom end of posts can be soaked by standing them in a blanked off plastic pipe for single posts or a suitable sized drum for multiples. Eco solution remaining in the tray or drum can be used for other application such as treating timber cut ends during construction. Remaining 'ground contact' solution should be diluted to standard solution before reuse.

Wood can be handled while wet without leaving marks on the wood making it a convenient application process during a construction project. The weathering process helps penetration and can be accelerated by wetting and drying the wood. Eco treated wood is best allowed to dry completely (1 - 2 days) before being exposed to water, including rain, so as to maximize its affinity with the wood fibres.

Easy to clean-up - Eco Wood Treatment cleans up simply with soap and water.

Shelf life - In its concentrated, dry form Eco will store indefinitely. After mixing with water, the solution keeps best in a sealed jar and will last a very long time. With increased time, water will become stagnant unless distilled water is used in the mixing process. If you mix only what you need, you minimize the possibility of having large amounts of Eco Wood Treatment solution left over.

Sealers or colored stains - Sealers are not necessary and not recommended. Eco Wood Treatment does not seal wood but instead allows the wood to breathe and age naturally. Coloured stains can be applied over Eco but most commercial stains do not offer the weathering feature that is integral in the Eco process. Water based pigments can be successfully added to Eco Wood Treatment.


Eco treated wood is harmless to people, soil, plants, water and gardens. The dry powder concentrate is acidic. Avoid inhalation and contact with eyes. In case of accidental contact with eyes, flush with water for a minimum of 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. Ingestion of solution may cause gastro-intestinal irritation. Use care in applying solutions, as it may permanently stain clothes, fabrics, windows, stucco, concrete, stone work etc.