Coleby Animal Lick

This natural animal lick is great for the overall health and well being of your farm stock (including Horses, Cows, Sheep, Goats, Deer and Alpacas). It is a dry mix that contains:
Dolomite, Copper Sulphate, Seaweed Meal, Sulphur and Ground Himalayan Salt.

It is the same mix that Pat Coleby recommends with the addition of Ground Himalayan Salt. It is suitable for all farm stock (including Horses, Cows, Sheep, Goats, Deer and Alpacas) and can be mixed with other stock food, (40 - 80 grams per animal per day) or fed ad lib.

This product is NOT suitable for feeding to pets such as cats, dogs and rabbits.

Coleby Lick is suitable for all stock including horsesHigh in calcium and magnesium.
Some of the conditions caused by lack of calcium include:
Bloat, bone deformities, mastitis, milk fever, nervous behaviour, peeling horns, warts.
Some of the conditions caused by lack of magnesium include:
Acetonaemia, arthritis, founder, mastitis, warts, uneven bone growth.

Copper Sulphate
Some of the conditions caused by lack of copper sulphate include:
Cancer, coccidiosis, cow pox, diarrhoea, unexplained scouring, fence & bark chewing, high somatic cell count, liver fluke.

Some of the conditions caused by lack of sulphur include:
Flystrike, lice, exterior parasites as well as a lack of amino acids in the gut.

Seaweed is an organic source of minerals, amino acids and vitamins in a 100% absorbable form. It is a natural form of iodine.

Ground Himalayan Salt
Himalayan Salt is 100% natural and contains over 84 different minerals.

Product is available in a 4 kg and 25 kg bags. No problem to supply in larger quantities - just let us know what you'd like and we can go from there.

Please view the video below of Pat Coleby revealing why she changed her farming methods.

Below is another video of Pat Coleby (an excerpt from "A Woman of Genius").

Customer Feedback

Just thought I’d let you know how much I like the coleby lick. We have 3 older horses, and have noticed how much better our horses are doing since being on it, having previously used another vitamin/mineral supplement which was more costly. Our 30yo mare has the softest shiniest coat now, and has had a new lease of life. The hooves have been really good too. People, including our natural hoof trimmer, have constantly commented on how good the horses are looking!
Tania from Auckland

Great trade, the Arapawa Island Goats just love it straight out of the bucket... cheers
Diane from Christchurch

I recommend it (Coleby Animal Lick) because its worked very well.
I've had my horse for 5 years and he has had mud fever every year for 3 years, then for the last two years he has been on coleby mix, absolutely no mud fever despite the worse conditions for it. The only change was that I added the coleby mix in. I find the product extremely consistent in its texture and content.
Overall he is looking fantastic and vibrant. People continuously comment about him.

There is so much you can do for mud fever that is on the outside, external applications and I truly believe that my adding coleby mix internally / nutritionally, it has combated mud fever even developing, hence no need to externally treat.
Tracey from Palmerston North